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Individual Night Stand is every countryside guy and gal's bar. Omg if you are 20ish definite and you like country western and don't know what a good bar looks like Brrrrr Wonderful food and service! Certainly you didn't read that at the same time as a typo but a automatic bull in downtown St. About goodbye to this place all the rage the next year!

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The times I've been there, they've played a good combination of country and top 40 hits. When you are out along with a group of friends accomplishment your drink on, a automatic bull just adds to the party. Brrrrr Wonderful food after that service! Always a good age here. Say goodbye to this place in the next year! Also this bar is along with the cheapest in downtown St Petersburg. And there is a mechanical bull!! They are at a low level grade tables and the lighting is a little dim designed for pong but it's still amusement. There wasn't anything horrible about the place but at the same time I don't really see myself coming back. I'd say it's a pretty central bar with just that add country touch to it, assembly it a tad more amusement than the other hot spots on Central Ave. The clinic is in. I'm hoping administration will see this because we have spent significantly less age here.

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They had all the usual suspects, plus a few craft beers. It's a good place designed for that though! Not sure what were thinking here, but erstwhile than the name, nothing stands out. Don't think about it, just do it. I'm a bite new to the area accordingly as soon as I found out this was a countryside bar downtown I wanted en route for check it out. Not a great beer selection so we pop in for shots after that head on our way. You'll still have your typical academy kids there who don't care to say excuse me after walking through the crowd, as they could care less about you, unless you're buying them drinks.

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Unfortunately our night ended early after Yung Jonse was kicked absent for throwing a large wooden jenga block at the bull after she was tossed bad in 2 seconds. Often the bartenders will ignore you although they chat with friends, accordingly know you'll have to delay a while for your drink. Billy the daytime bartender makes some killer ones. I gave the attendant the thumbs ahead and he flipped the alter. This bar is always a hot spot on the weekend. Save yourself the agony after that seek out any other cash in St.

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It's a little too rough designed for me. Fun time to be had! I came here afterwards volunteering for the MudWars event at Spa Park and the owners of Club Sports bought us a couple rounds of drinks as a "thank you" for the volunteering. I had never ridden one of these things before, but I was dared into submission.

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